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Yes, another journey around the sun. Three important things I learned in the last year:1. Someone once told me, "We cannot take back words because we cannot take back feelings". Always, always be kind. The world needs great people but it needs good, kind people more.2. Every problem is an opportunity to define who you are and who you want to be. If you make a mistake, fix it and if you can't fix it, learn from it. Rise exactly where you fall – that is the true measure of strength and resilience.3. "Surround yourself with good people, always". I realized (finally!) that I am an acquired taste. Because of this, I have learned to treasure people who love and appreciate my presence, warts and all. Thank you – most especially to my colleagues at work – for helping me want to become a better person every day. Life is good as it is but Jager bombs and friends make it so much better.That burning fire inside you? Let it burn and let it burn brightly. To infinity and beyond and to the great men and women we will all be.Happy 28th, Kurt. Damn, you're old. : Kurt Paolo Sevillano

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