Unsolicited Relationship Advice

Unsolicited Relationship advice (I use this as a standard when dating): Find someone who you can imagine to be with 10 years from now. Someone who will accompany you in hospital hallways for births and who will stay-up-late at a wake when a relative dies. Someone who will make a good father or mother, if you do plan to have kids. Find someone who will hold your hand when you need it the most and whom you can imagine attending birthday parties, reunions, family celebrations with. Someone who will celebrate your successes and who will hug you during your failures. That one person who you can count on through all the ups and downs that life has in store. Because one day, the sex will no longer be hot as it used to be. The kilig moments will be few and the romance will be almost non-existent. But the “I love yous” would mean so much more. And “forever” would be one day closer to being true. And fifty years into the future, you’d give-up the romance to look into their eyes, when you’re wrinkled and aged seventy, to tell them that the last fifty years of your life were the best only because they were there.

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