Uncertain :|

“Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”  – Alfred Lord Tennyson

I remember how much, days before I actually committed myself to this relationship, I received that very advice from a dear friend. It greatly changed how I saw things then and realizing where I am from where I once stood, I owe Alfred Lord Tennyson alot.

In one of our classes in Parliamentary Procedure, my professor once said:

” There are three certain things in life. One, people will always pay taxes. Two, everyone will die and Third, Uncertain things will always remain uncertain”.

I admit that I haven’t been exactly ‘made’ to be realistic. I always delve with what is possible, with what may happen. Maybe that’s why my friends always call me ‘two steps advanced’ from what we’re dealing with at the time. While everyone thinks about tomorrow, I think about what could happen in a week or in a month.

But now, I have come to realize something: uncertain things will always be uncertain and when the other shoe falls off, you can’t just sit down and sob waiting for all hell to break free; You have stand up and take control.

You can’t always be afraid of playing with fire with the fear of being burned. After all, the thin line that separates the fool from the wise is that the wise know how much is at stake even before playing with fire.

“Where do I go from here?”, I ask myself. I surely do not know. But knowing that my chances are not low in giving this relationship another chance to succeed is the only reason for me to get going.

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Dave texted me awhile ago about the school tarpaulins that hung in SM. I rushed out of the mall to personally take a look at them. They’re featuring students, with the tarps hung on street lamps infront of Starbucks. I took a picture, just can’t upload em right now. The upload speed is kinda hard to work with right now.

– – – – –

I saw the billboard at LMI. That one was way cool. I’m gonna take a jeep and drop off there one day and then take a picture. My dad would love seeing it. (that’s the main reason why I make mention of them in my blog!LOL). For those who want to take a look at what Im blabbing about, it’s just after the bridge following the RK Village at LMI.

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Been busy. Swimming. Drinking. Fever. Swimming. LOL
What a busy teenage life. phew.
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