Great things are great because when they are gone, they are missed.

“Grief is the price we pay for love”, said the Queen to her grandsons William and Harry in memory of the princes’ mother, Princess Diana. I guess, it’s true that pain is the consequence of pleasure, of happiness.

“The higher the pain, the greater it meant”, they say.

It has been two years and ten months since we both figured out that we wanted to spend a lifetime together. It wasn’t an easy journey – we stumbled, we fell flat on our faces, and at many times we’ve thrown in the towel and called it quits. But we always knew that beyond the drought, there would be rain. That beyond pain lies happiness, and that the good days have always been worth the wait.

Zach Wahls once said that “the sense of family comes from the commitment we make to each other. To work through the hard times so we can enjoy the good ones”. And I agree. The real measure of a relationship is in the commitment to stay no matter what. Love is not a destination. It’s a never-ending journey towards, if not in search, of happiness.

Goodbyes and Holding Hands

There are two inevitable things in life: death and taxes. I know someday, in a not so distant future, we’d lose each other. Either one of us passes away before the other or we decide that our journey as a couple has come to its end. But I do not fear that day because I know that more than counting the years we’ve been together, we’ve made the years count. We’ve both seen ourselves at our strongest and weakest points; We’ve shared our deepest fears and innermost secrets.

We’ve fallen and risen, we’ve cried and laughed; We’ve reached milestones that no one else have and we have always done this together.

And more than anything, we’ve realized that no matter what, we’re like oxygen and 2,3-BpG, always binding.

I cannot promise you that the road before us is not marred with hurdles but what I can promise you is that I’ll be by your side, holding your hand, every single step of the way.

Happy two years and ten months.

When confronted with the possibility that our problems are greater than our capacity to solve them, always remember that we always tell each other: “Hanggang dulo, tayo.”

I love you and I will always see you at the end.


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