I really need a break. seriously speaking.

It’s summer and while everyone is taking a walk down the beach or a trip to some resort to have a great time, I’m stuck with classes that last from eight in the morning until five in the afternoon. Much to my dismay, the five to six-hour sleep I was used to having has been reduced to a good three hours everyday with three of the hardest subjects we enrolled for this summer – History of Political Thought, Research 1 ( Thesis Writing), and Elementary Spanish.

To make things worse, everyday has become a cycle for me. I sleep from four to seven in the morning, go to school, come back at five (or six), sleep until nine (or if i’m really that exhausted, eleven :|) and then wake up to work on what has to be done way until four the next day. phew.

– – – – – –

Despite the hectic schedule (spell STRESS), the good thing about this is that I come to school the next day knowing that no matter how stressed out I am, I could actually hand them what they want and how they want it.

Who doesn’t love a good challenge? (and proving folks around you that you CAN do it, when they say you can’t? LOL).

– – – – – – –

I’m starting to feel the weird side of me kick in. Sometimes I’d be a total jerk when I feel that I WANT things to be perfect or when I get to be very competitive with the people around me.

Good thing my classmates (who are most of the time, the victims of my weirdness) know me alot to even bother making a fuss about it. Love you guys. LOL

– – – – – – –

“Estoy aprendiendo español”. That means I am learning spanish. Yeah, we have a really cool class this summer where we get to count numbers, and talk to each other in spanish. Actually, what makes ur really enjoy it is that we have this cool language teacher, and the fact we look like graders learning how to count and say different things in spanish.

On the other hand, perfectionism kicked in once more. I was trying to learn Spanish with perfect grammar. Our professor told me to take things slowly and learn the basics of the language first before delving on to grammar and that I was doing well.  I piped down. :D

– – – – – – –

It’s more than a month before regular classes start and I have had my fair share of hosting. Two weeks ago (if my memory serves me right), SM called me up (courtesy of Ms Lina) to host an event called ‘Green Design’ where they encourage tenants to incorporate “eco-friendliness” in their establishments.

What was cool about the event was that it was graced by several imporant people who served as guest speakers. We had Vice-Presidents and Managers from companies like Uniliver, Mr. Donuts, Falcon Urinal systems (d*mn, those water free urinal systems are earth savers!) and others.

It was a really cool experience. I even got feedback from the school’s Marketing Office that SM says “I was very good”.

Special thanks to the Marketing Office and to Mr. Eric V. Orolfo, Director of Cultural Affairs for recommending me to host the event. In the words of my friend Kisses (Esmade), mahirap tumanggi sa mabubuting tao. SALAMAT PO.

– – – – – – –

And then Agatha and I hosted PPL’s (Sir Peter for those who don’t know) birthday celebration the other day at the le cafe. They said it was good and I was proud of myself knowing that my forte in hosting happens to be in seminars and or conventions and not birthday parties. just kidding.

Agatha, congrats. nice job. :)

– – – – – –

I hate to say it but most of the time, I really require a high degree of professionalism during production work. I don’t know but I think I got this from Sir Carlo who taught me that the host should connect the program, and make sure that there would be no ‘dull moment’ or ‘dead air’.

Sadly, though, this isn’t always the case and no matter how much I hate it, I have to deal with it. After all, I try to be a professional when it comes to productions.

How hard can it be? hehe.

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