Watched The Breakup episode of Glee tonight.

I guess in relationships,there are always these things you will fret over the rest of your life. No matter how big or small, there are some things you wish you could just take back.

But life was never meant to be lived backwards.

And the sad truth is, we will always, always live with the pain we’ve caused other people. I guess that’s our fair share of the suffering – others get hurt, we live life with the knowledge that there are things we did that we can never take back. No matter how much we want to. No matter how much we try.

Without a past, how does one have a present, or better yet a future? If time were merely rooted in man’s perception, then the absence of a past kills the very concept of time itself. Hence, I always tell myself to not apologize for how I feel, for the mistakes I’ve made, because all these things make up who I am today.

But for some reason, there’s this one thing I guess, I will always be apologetic for. A battle scar that I will always be ashamed of – a mark that I will always try to hide.

I guess I’ll be spending the rest of my life for making-up for all the things I did wrong.

The only consolation to the mess is that if it were my price to pay to realize the forever that lay before me, then its a small price to pay.

At the very least, thats what I hope it to be.

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