Single-Awareness Day

The paralegal convention went well the other day and I think it was the best hosting stint I ever did -seriously. I felt proud about how much I stood there infront; I felt as if the stage was mine and I had nothing to worry about.

I plan to update the paralegal blog/site as soon as possible with pictures and articles about the event. All in all, except for a few glitches like the lack of food, I could give it a 9/10 rating.

– – – – –

A day before the paralegal convention, and even on the day itself, I lost my temper.

I’ve had it with the people who were supposed to be there and help but were nowhere to be found. Sometimes, it’s really hard to live up to the virtue of “pakikisama”- maybe, that’s why I prefer law and order most of the time.

Its sucks when they know their jobs but they don’t do it deliberately, just like some of the students who were supposed to be there to help.

I just hope they don’t get to see me furious or else.

– – – – –

Ms. Priscilla Abante, who happened to be one of the speakers during the convention, was actually the daughter of Rep. Benny Abante, the same speaker who opposed to the possibility of same-sex marriage in the country.

I remember my post (although I can’t seem to find where) about the talk show hosted by Ted Failon and Korina Sanchez where they tackled the issue about same-sex marriage, and where the dear representative remarked something like:

If we give gays marriage, the next thing you know, prostitues would be asking to legalize prostitution

What a funny coincidence. I didn’t imagine I’d meet the daughter in person. And she was really gorgeous, really.

– – – – – –

I’ve been emo these past days. And to top off my post for today, I just wanna share a part of what I’m thinking:

I miss the days when things weren’t complicated. When we found joy in the simplicity of the relationship, when we enjoyed the secrecy and laughed about the controversies. I miss the time when it was just easy – to breathe, to love, to be us. Where we only felt safe in each others arms; when we seeked comfort in the four walls of your room.

It was then that no matter how hard things were, how complicated things could be, we always found a way.

But that’s the irony of things. They’re memories – and they’re just that.

– – – – –

Yesterday was Valentines Day.

I wished to sleep and wake up on the early morning of the 15th. But no, sadly, I was dateless and although I left home, I only ended up in school to tour incoming high school students.

As much as it maybe romantic and sweet for couples, it still remains the same for people who are single like me – its still Single Awareness Day.

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