Sex and the City

I just had to run to the Internet Cafe to blog. It’s been three days since I last posted and things are happening way faster than I could imagine, Anyway, I plan to list what’s been making me busy these past days plus a few other things I’ve observed during the course of my two-week vacation.

Warning: I’m going to use a different approach with this post. I have two things to talk about : One would be about Sex (no, its not what you think) and the other would be the city.

– – – –


For those who don’t know yet, I just wanna say that I had my ear pierced. Yes, I know you’re gonna freak out about it sooner or later but I tell you, it isn’t really that bad (plus I don’t look hideous nor do I look dirty). I know self-mutilation isn’t exactly my thing but I just did, so bear with it. LOL

Here’s the pic with the earring on focus:

And here is a picture on how it looks on me (kindly click on the pic for a larger version):

– – – – –

We actually went bar hopping yesterday and I drank the most mugs of beer, gin, and alcohol I have ever gad in my entire life. I couldn’t even come home because I was soo intoxicated. The good thing though, and something that I am very proud of myself, is that I wast still in control of everything (yes, I am 100% sure of that) and I slept in my cousin’s house, not just in some alley or room I didn’t know.

I couldn’t take pictures last night because there was not enough light to provide quality shots. All I got were blurred and darkened ones. I did manage to take a video of us dancing on the dance floor which I posted here. Please understand if I look stupid- I was drunk for heaven’s sake. hehe

So there.

– – – –

Kuya Chris, my dad’s cousin, who is only seven years older than me came home after over a year of working abroad. He invited all of us to lunch, yellow cab style. I just wanted to make mention- it was a first from him. hehe

– – – –


Another reason for blogging is, as per my observation, the increasing (or prevalent, whichever) derogatory remarks towards minority groups.

To be perfectly honest, I enjoyed the bar hopping we did yesterday but one thing that did not fail to catch my attention was this sign posted on the doors of the bar:

Noticed number one?
I was just actually curious why man to man dancing was not allowed, while woman to woman was. I asked my aunt (ate) who said that the bar was strict on this, their bouncers would approach men dancing together and would ask them to cut it out politely. “Maybe,” she said, “they don’t want to be known as a gay bar or something”.

– – – –

Second case would be a controversial sexist remark that I think many gay viewers of the show “Wowowee” failed to take note of. In one segment, where the host Willie Revillame was interviewing a gay contestant about the correctness of his answer, he (Willie) remarked:

“Kelan ba naging tama ang isang katulad mo?”.

But this isn’t the first time something like this happened. Many viewers have already acknowledged Willie’s sexism, not only towards members of the third sex but also to women as well.

– – – –

How do we fix things then, you ask? As much as I would love to ponder on the many possible motions to stop discrimination and sexism in the country, the fact still lies that unlike the U.S. with active organizations like IGLHRC (International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission) and the Advocacy Project, we still lack political power. Yes, political activism that in one way or another would help shape a better new world.

What does it take to have political power? CONCERN.

Deep concern for other people -regardless of race and gender would surely help. How would a country like ours prosper when people bicker, when we try to gratify ourselves, try to feel good about ourselves at the expense of another? Surely it isn’t news anymore when we hear of people who criticize others just to feel good about themselves?

You may think that I move for a utopia- that I deal with idealism more than realism. You may even ask what the hell does this guy do to help the world then?

My friend, I think the mere fact that you’re reading this is something.

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