I have been busy looking at Pinterest lately, picking color palettes, themes, and architectural inspirations for my condo. I’m leaning towards earthly colors (brown, beige, maroon) but am still undecided whether to do “hotel-modern” or “New York Apartment Rustic”. There’s also modern minimalist (ala bachelor’s pad) but I don’t want my future kids to grow-up in a home of leather couches, metal furnishes, and sharp edges. Who knew deciding my condo’s interior design would be stressful and exciting at the same time?

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Interestingly, the family is leaning towards business all of a sudden after I have long advocated to transition from full-time employees to full-time employers/investors.

My grandmother has always been the creative entrepreneur but since she has no long-term vision, progress has been very slow despite significant, positive cashflow for many years. The last time I went home to Baguio, we sat down and spoke and I mentioned that I am into investments, specifically stocks/mutual funds and she seems to be interested as well. She says she’ll set-up funds for all her apos which means my funding has increased as well. Yay increased portfolio! Now, I just have to follow-up.

Dad seems intent to fund my idea for the poultry business. Apparently, the idea of setting-up a family business where I manage (and also own a significant amount of shares of the company) is something he is committed to explore. We can start with poultry and then expand to other areas like hogs/swine and even fishery. In the long-run, there’s even a chance to look into farming. Naturally, I’d do the thinking/brains part – do I seriously look like I could go down and plant rice myself?

With this looming in the horizon, I have to review my plans in the coming months. While I was already ready to purchase the lot in Dasma, I have to check if the money can be put to better use – whether to (a) buy agricultural land instead or (b) use the funds as extra capital for the business.

And then there’s also this lot in Baguio I’m eyeing. While I haven’t personally visited the property yet, I hear that the location is good and is very promising from a financial vantage point. Damn, I can’t wait to get rich so I could effortlessly just buy whatever I want without thinking twice.

Nonetheless, I am determined to set this up within this year. I noticed that every year since 2010, I had a milestone, an accomplishment that would define each year. I want this to be the milestone, “the thing I’ve achieved for my 26th year”.

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