Paris, the City of Love.

It has always been my dream to visit you.

Someday, Paris. Someday :)

**Update as of July 6 ,2012: I figured, that since I had many places, I’d like to visit, maybe I’d turn this specific blog post into a collection of pictures of places I’ve always dreamed of going to. Who knows, maybe one day, when I’m effin’ rich, I could travel the world. (Yeah, I’ll travel the Philippines first. I promise).


Times Square in New York City. Someday, I’m going to watch broadway :)

Central Park and Manhattan and the Upper East Side

Wall Street. This is where all the financial magic happens. As a business major, I’ve always been fascinated by the language of finance since I don’t speak nor understand it.

And then there’s Egypt. I’ve always dreamt of seeing these huge pyramids and the sphinx too.

Athens, Greece. The Parthenon. Gods, Goddesses, Mythology.

And then there’s Rome :)



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