My Last Post for ’08

It’s the 31st of December, the last day of 2008. Only a few more hours to go and well, its a new year. I’m still here in Baguio, celebrating the holidays (or whatever there is left to celebrate). 

Less than 10 hours to go until the new year. Five days to go before the start of classes (I plan to return to Batangas on the 5th).

– – – – –

So much has happened during this year. For starters, my romantic side kicked off and I discovered a different side of me. I saw the world through another angle and affirmed my belief that life is how we perceive it to be.

I met new people and reconnected with old ones- in a different kind of way. LOL. But all in all, no matter how many bridges we build and burn, the people we meet become a part of us – their words, actions, and all, shape us into the individuals we are today.

– – – – 

It’s been a busy year. A lot has happened. To enumerate everything would take up lots of space but in the end, it all boils down to a THANK YOU.

THANK YOU EVERYONE for making my 2008 a year I could not forget. Yes, I extend my thanks from the people who I meet and greet everyday to the simple stranger I swept by the alley this morning, knowing that the world works in wonders and everyone shapes us in many ways we do not know.

– – –

I can’t get to post my new primary pic. It wont load. D*MN FS.

– – –

While here in Baguio, I’ve been buying a few clothes to add to my collection. LOL. My indifference towards buying clothes has taken its toll – only for me to realize that I have nothing to wear anymore. *Some people would enjoy that thought. ;)*

I bought a few clothes from the local dry goods store and a shirt I could not resist from an ukay ukay. hehe.

– – – –

I’m thinking about ear piercing. hmmm…

lagot ako kay ******.

– – – –

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