..just being bitter

I missed tonight’s simbang gabi for a very pathetic reason- I overslept. Today happens to be the last day of classes and thus, marks the beginning of the holiday break for students.

We didn’t have legal forms and labor law today, hence, I came home early. I read “Breaking dawn” and after awhile felt the urge to sleep. Next thing I knew, It was 8 in the evening. damn*t.

– – – – –
I blogged for two other reasons. For one, today is a very special day although I’m not allowed to give details. LOL. All I know is that all the hard work is paying off and yes-we’re finally here. It’s a been awhile and yet, how much is that compared to a promise that spans of a lifetime?

Second is because I wanted to post three commercial ads lyceum uses. We recorded them [yes, I rendered my talent :)] a few weeks back and I just wanna share em to everyone.

Plus, I uploaded ’em for derek who has been bugging me about ‘wanting to hear’ the outcome (he V.O-ed).

Note: I coudn’t get friendster to use embed codes. I don’t know, they don’t seem to work. If you want to stream the ad, click on the [link] and use your browser’s back button to return to this page. Yeah, and sorry if it sounds ‘mono’. I had to convert the mp3’s to streaming format.

Here they are anyhow:

1.[link] This is Sir (Kuya) Rudy’s Testi. I’m not used to calling him Sir, and he knows why. LOL. hehe

2. [link] This is our Student Testi. It includes Derek’s, my voice, Ma’am Celest, and JV’s (in chronological order).

3.[link] This is Student Testi 2. It features Kaneisha, Ma’am Celest, Abbie, and Sarah. Did I forget anyone?

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