I had a weird dream three nights ago. I was walking along the corridor of a certain university, eagerly preparing my notes for my PE class (You think that’s weird? I was wearing my PE uniform for Pete’s sake!), when this little elf came to me and said:

Elf: “Why do you keep on offing me?” (Off myself means kill myself. I think “offing me” was my brain’s way of saying “Why do you keep ignoring me?”)

Me: “I’m not offing you.”

Elf: “Then why do you keep on disregarding me?”

Me: “I’m not trying to disregard you. To disregard you means to first acknowledge your existence – and I don’t. To me, your are insignificant, ergo, you do not exist.”

Poof went the little villain in my head and I woke-up to an odd feeling of victory.

* * * * * *

Sometimes, I feel like a scriptwriter lives in my head. I mean, seriously, I say the best lines in my dreams. Often, the lines are better than what I’d say in person. LOL

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