How to Save the World

For years now, people have debated on the topic of death, bearing forth even some philosophical views on the matter. Some say that death is a journey into something that could not be understood by human experience or mental capabilities. Some however, argue that death is the end of everything: the end of emotions, of experience, of knowledge, of life.

The topic of death is quite universal. Many books try to discuss it from different angles- from books  like The Seance or Ghost Walk that discuss what it may possible feel from the afterlife or even something like The Five People You Meet in Heaven which is more inspirational.

However, what bothers me more is the reason why people decide to end their lives.

A website I was checking out awhile ago said that the desire to commit suicide is because of too much pain. Pain that our resources for coping could not handle although the capability to battle such is possible.

Now, I try to think: Does the mere act of suicide attest to being ‘weak’ or is it a desperate cry to be understood? How then do we, the capable, the knowing, reach out to understand?

Are we to be blamed partly for not being sensitive enough to listen to their pleas? or are were they doomed from the start because of their weakness to cope with the pain they feel?

Mom says lots of teenagers resolve to suicide nowadays. As if death could end whatever problems they face. This maybe true at the physical level but what happens next- when the last breath has left thy lips?

I guess, my wish to save the world when I was a kid is no longer applicable today. Not because I have lost the passion or the determination to do it. But I realized that the only way to save the world is only when the world has decided to save itself.

Trivia: I wrote this post to deal with pain- pain which my coping resources could not handle. Read between the lines.

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