Dear Future Kurt,

Life will kick you in the behind several times. That’s for sure. But after every time you fall and feel hurt, I would like you to stand-up and get back at life with sarcasm. Ask if life’s done being a b*tch and if it is, proceed and move forward – always forward, never losing sight of your dreams.

The road before you is hard and there are many challenges, like a traveler before his destiny waiting to unravel. But do not give up. Because deep down, you know its worth-it.

Do not forget that dreams are like mountains – the higher the dream, the higher the inclination. It will be a hell of a trip to get to the top – but the knowledge that only few have reached the peak is well worth the damn climb.

And should the time come that the trials are hard to bear and when you feel like giving-up already, close your eyes. Remember the beauty of your dreams and the reason why you held-on to it for so long: The quest for excellence, for meaning; the desire to give your life meaning and the evolution of your character. But most importantly, your conviction to have less regrets as possible when you grow old.

Don’t go for a smaller mountain. Don’t opt for the easier climb. Rather, pack your bags as if the mountain’s twice as high as Everest and don’t stop climbing.

Until you realize your dreams, have fun with the pictures :)


Past Kurt





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