Gay Wars and More

Prop 8 and the Same-Sex Marriage Debate

I was downloading my emails just a few minutes back when I received a news update about homosexual issues.

Just in case I haven’t mentioned it, I signed up [and am an active online member] of a few organizations on equal rights and environmental consciousness for awhile now. Therefore I receive emails related to these causes almost everyday.

Anyway, the headline immediately caught my attention but until I scanned the article did I really understand what it really means: Is gay the new black?

African-Americans proved that racial discrimination is a thing of the past when Americans stood beside each other to elect Barack Obama to be the next US President (and the first black president at that). However, the polls did not only focus on Barack alone.

On the day of Barack’s election, many people in Florida and California said yes to Proposition 8 at the same time, passing a referendum that prohibited gays, lesbians from marrying. This has been a great defeat for those who thought that the voting population was open minded enough to understand how much their votes would affect every gay person in the area.

No On Prop 8, an organization that pushes to condemn the California Proposition, in its defeat, even commented that “Victory was not ours today. But the struggle for equality is not over” and that “We will not give up. And we are not done yet”.

My Stand on this

Truly, the campaign for same sex marriage has taken a sad and sudden turn for the worst.

Even I had not anticipated how much people would say YES to deprive others of their right to gay marriage. As one of the online posters have said: Gays are punished as much as straights are when they do something bad. But why then is it, that when they ask for the same rights as heterosexuals do, they are deprived?

Hasn’t it been an established concept that from our obligations rise our priviledges?

The battle for same-sex marriage will be tough and at times, you would just like to quit. After all, as much as it is difficult to describe colors to a blind man, it is also difficult to describe how it means and feels to be gay to ’straights’.

They always say that they understand, that they they try. But in fact, they do not and they never will.

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