This blog is a memoir I keep, usually, for the purpose of remembering the best and worst days of my life, experiences, and random ramblings. While I write this blog for my own use, I welcome people who are interested to read to feel free to do so.

Some of the stuff I post here are mine (meaning I wrote them or created them myself) while others I’ve merely re-posted or as I would like to put it, borrowed.

As much as I would love to cite the owner, it should be clear that not all of the materials were borrowed directly from the owner’s website/blog – some were merely copied from Facebook, Twitter or were shared to me via email – hence, I have no idea who the owner is.

If you find any of your original materials here, and would like me to cite you as a source, please get in touch with me via Facebook (as I do not feel comfortable displaying my email address here). I will also be glad to take-down anything I posted at the request of the original owner.

Thanks :]

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