Darn it, Dream!

Sometimes, I think fate is messing up with me. I don’t know but I feel a sudden urge to write about this peculiar dream. I know that the dream has been influenced by several factors I thought of, talked about, and did before I slept.

Note: These contain names of real and imaginary people in positions and roles that are not ‘so’ in real life.

Anyway, here it goes:

I woke up with an amnesia – I remembered no one except close family friends and relatives. Needless to say, I could not remember any person who hurt me in any way. And then my cousins told me we had to find somebody (GP, Oh come one! It’s not that freaking hard to guess!) from my past – a person, an ex, who went out missing. Feeling nothing for the person, since I could not remember, I agreed to come.

We drove until we reached the Baguio Cathedral where GP just stood there. They asked GP to enter the car and feeling nothing, I just sat there looking around.

And then it hit me. I tried to search every single part of my brain, thinking, scanning images of the past, trying to remember even though I could not, of who GP was to me. They said it over and over, GP is your ex but I could not find a single memory that would prove this.

I just sat there thinking. I looked outside the window and despite knowing that I had amnesia, I was pretty sure GP was not my ex. While I forced my brain to identify who the real ex was, the name came rushing in – BY. Yep, just like a speeding bullet, I recalled the real name of my ex and the memories of the past came flowing in -every single bit.

And then I shouted, “No, that is not my ex! Its -”

– – – – –

It’s funny though that the more you try to forget, the more you do remember. I woke up feeling irritated, my brain could have come up with a better or a worse plot but no, it coincidentally merged three different themes into one hell of a story.

Maybe it was nice to have that dream when we we’re together then. It would prove that love transcends the faultiness of the human facilities. But no, right now, it only proves two things – I have an over active imagination and Bryan and I come up with the funniest of ideas when we feel like goofing around – a pill to cause amnesia. Haha.

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