Sometimes, people wonder how I ended up as a control freak. How can I not?

Everyday, I live with the passion of getting more out of life – of trying to raise the bar a little higher. Sure, people say the key to happiness is contentment but I say that’s hypocrisy.

Contentment is a paradox and people who promote contentment should shoot themselves in the eye at some point.

If the world really operated on contentment, people would stop wanting more things out of life – people would stop dreaming, wanting a promotion, wanting better education, wanting better stuff. When we got hired the first time, we should’ve been contented with our salaries and positions but no – we wanted something better, something higher.

In fact, everyday life is a testament to the contentment paradox. We want better lives, we plan out of town trips and we even buy newer phones and gadgets despite (1) the obvious lack of need for them and (2) the excellent, if not good, working conditions of the things we already own.

Even some priests who preach about giving to the poor and strongly against materialism drives in an SUV or a brand new car (Public transportation if not a motorcycle should suffice, shouldn’t it?).

I despise dependence

Since man was never made to stand by himself, I understand that dependence on other people would be needed at some point. Despite this, I try to keep my dependence on others at a minimum but lo and behold: even with the smallest of things you entrust other people, they couldn’t even do it!

I mean, seriously.

If I put it as an analogy, “I didn’t freakin’ ask people to help me build a house – all I did was ask some of them to buy me X kilos of nails or maybe carry a brick or two (and yes, these are their jobs to begin with) but I guess, going to the hardware store was more complicated than I thought or holding a few bricks was heavier than I ever imagined.”

And when the time comes that the only thing you ask from people is to hold your freakin’ hand or be there, they couldn’t even be there!

And if that weren’t bad enough, some people who do nothing to contribute to the house construction even have the audacity to mess up my plans!

So, basically, that’s how I ended up as a control freak. Depending on people who do not want things – who do not want to achieve dreams – as much as you do.

Because at the end of the day, you have to realize that not everyone wants to win the game as badly as you do – and if you want to get the job done, you have to do it yourself.

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