-Contentment and Marriage

Do you know this story?

There was once a contest that went by these terms: Everyone would go out to look for the perfect leaf. There was a man who found what he thought to be the perfect leaf. But he was not contented with it, he dropped it and went looking for something better. He looked and looked but he did not find any. When the time came that he realized that the leaf he previously held was the best among the others, he came back to it, only to find out that the wind blew the leaf away, into the hands of someone else.

There is no perfect love. All relationships pass through trials and the test of time and only those that come out to be whole are only worth calling ‘true love’.

My past is blurry as I would not want to speak of it. My past relationships are precious to me, as I would like them to be mine alone. I do not share about them with [current] partner, maybe that is why the pain and the hurt is bottled up within and my qualms remain to be mine alone. No one to hush them away, no one to comfort me about them.

But sometimes, we also tend to always compare, the very reason why we don’t feel happy or become happy. We always look at what others have that we don’t, instead of appreciating what we have that other’s don’t.

I am seriously thinking about marriage soon. The next one’s for keeps, I said. I told my mom point-blank and she just looked at me, at least she didn’t freak out. That’s very good. I just have this trait of being persistent, “what I want, I work to get” and I’ve been thinking, I won’t get the best person in the world but s/he can be, if I see the best in him or her.

My rationale sucks right now. I know; but I don’t usually regret until after I did something. Let’s see if we hear wedding bells next semester. After all, I am of legal age to marry.

Send you an invite :)

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