Cold Christmas ETC…

It’s 13 days to go until Christmas. Still lonely.
I thought Christmas this year would be different- I never imagined it would be cold once again. At least, in some part of the globe, I know of a heart that shares the same beat such as mine :’)

– – – – – – –

This is my first post (obviously). I have another blog you know, but I think the contents of which are not available for public viewing-Its entirely personal. So I guess I had to make another blog, for whatever wholesome content I could save from the other.LOL.

Did you know that I spent more than half an hour choosing a theme for this blog? Apparently, friendster has a really small collection of themes and though it may seem really pathetic, I can’t find something that really reflects my personality-something vibrant, chic, stylish, and young. I guess I should stick with it for the mean time, hoping they’re working on it.

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