Busy Day

I think I’ve regained my interest to write. That’s good, writing keeps me sane.

– – – –

Awhile ago we went to a local dry goods store to look for a 70’s themed outfit for the CASE NIGHT. We’re having the 70’s as our theme and although my classmates have already purchased their outfits, I haven’t managed to find one.

I blame it on my body build (don’t rub it in). I envy how clothes look perfect when worn by mannequins but when you actually try it on, it doesn’t give out the same effect.

If I can’t find something to wear by tomorrow night, I won’t be attending. At least the 2nd PL Convention would last all day long on Thursday, that means I have an excuse.

– – – –

I noticed my blog has been visited by people other than me, to my suprise. It feels nice if people read what you write. That means you actually have sense. This reminds me of one of the basic principles in journlism: write express, not to impress.

If you happen to come by my blog, do drop a line or two. It would surely make my day. :)

– – – –

It’s been soo long ever since I actually talked to someone about different things all in one sitting.

I remember how I used to talk to a friend (whose been more than a friend), and we would actually talk about alot of things- from spirituality to politics, to regional culture to ethics and back to the concept of the grand design (of God).

I love it when I participate in actual discussions. I’m not intelligent but when people actually ask me things and I answer, I feel a sense of pride in knowing im not the dimmest bulb in the box.

– – – –

I remember a short talk I had with a friend. It goes like this:

Friend: You know –
Me: Yeah. Why?
Friend: The person’s attractive!
Me: Ah.
Friend: Don’t you find the person attractive?
Me: Nope. I was actually hoping for someone else. Someone who you could actually talk to- someone with sense. I don’t need looks, I mean, I prefer substance rather than form.
Friend: Arte! *and then walks out*

– – – –

A well loved law professor of mine once shared to me, his frustration with today’s generation. He used to criticize how much we value form rather than substance- looks before the brains.

And personally, I agree.  Our generation has placed to much importance on the outer looks without even actually making paying attention to the brain. That’s why I guess we have the stereotype blond- big bo*bs, great body, no brains.

– – – –

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not choosy when it comes to friends. I befriend anyone who introduces himself or herself to me. I do not pick who I hang-out with, if we’re both free, text me up and we could grab a latte or a glass of lemonade, then let’s sit down for some chitchat.

– – – –

I changed my blog theme/ layout. I’ve been changing it frequently ever since I could remember, and I don’t know why.  A DC friend used to tell me ” consistency is the virtue of the unimaginative”. I guess i’m imaginative then? LOL

– – – –

free? drop me a line. PLEASE. I’m bored. *phew*

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