75299_100217273383906_100001869000566_490_4485235_n Playa Laiya Cabana with www playa_laiya_beach_club_in_san_juan_batangas playa-laiya-san-juan-batangas

The past few days have been a rollercoaster ride of emotions and movement in my life and what better way to deal with life’s unpredictability than spending it with friends.

Fast-forward, we spent two days on the beach in Lemery, Batangas under the sun, the sea, and the shore. And since we stayed overnight, I got the chance to lie on the sand at night, watch the stars, listen to the waves roll to the shore. Nothing beats the experience of taking in the vastness of the world and losing one’s self in it.

I’ve enjoyed the experience so much that I’m adding owning a private residential beach property to one of my dreams. Last time I checked, the prices for 200sqm properties in Laiya, San Juan aren’t that too high so let’s see. The attached pictures are of Playa Laiya, a private residential beach village which I am eyeing right now. Also, they were not taken by me.

At any rate, I am decided to purchase a beach-front lot in Laiya in the future. It would be a nice investment, especially in the future, when the kids would love me for putting money down on something like that. It could also serve as a perfect escape when things are going bad for me or when I need a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city living.

In the words of my parents, “Kurt, you always get what you want”. Let’s test the truth of that statement. For now, I’m making travel arrangements for my next beach trip.

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