A rose on the 30th

30 day. 720 hours. 43,200 minutes.
Countless seconds of happiness
. Thank you — For the first thirty days :)

Thirty days passed by like a breeze. From the moment you smiled at me and I smiled right back at you, I’ve never known it we’d end up where we are right now.

To say that I am happy is an understatement. I am overjoyed thinking about how much we’ve both grown since the day that I first held your hand, and you held mine. From the first time I actually saw you laugh until the very moment we both braved it and risked it, hoping we would be more than just two strangers in the night, our shadows cast on the wall, our movement like candle flames – flickering lively, fierce and yet, passionate.

I could clearly remember the first time you were brave enough to tell me I was always on your mind, as you were in mine. The first time we walked under the rain, carefully taking time to enjoy each step, each second with one another, mindless of the people who were soaked and running. Yes, we were soaked too, and yet, we enjoyed every second of it.

I know thirty days isn’t much. The better of love stories have gone way far beyond thirty days and yet, those were the best thirty days I’ve had in awhile.

Thank you.

I remember how I first saw you cry when I told you about me and my past, and it was then that I knew that your tears broke me, as much as your smiles made me whole all over again.

I always tell you how much I don’t promise you forever. I don’t have forever to begin with, my love. I do, however, promise you – to love you for all I am, for all I have, and for all that I could ever be.

To the next thirty days; thirty weeks; thirty months,my love.

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