-5 minute quickie

Note: It’s called five minute quickie because I have to write this in five minutes. I have a class at twelve but I figured I wanted to write something that just came across my mind.

I’ve been going out with people for quite sometime now and it’s good because slowly, you create new memories for your brain to retrieve when it feels going emo. [That’s one nice thing to do when you just came from a breakup. Usually, your brain retrieves those special moments and then you cry. But if you have more memories associated or related to those special moments, it doesn’t become much of a big deal anymore. It becomes an ordinary memory.]

Anyway, whenever I go out, I try to look my best, dress my best, brush my teeth and pretty much everything I could add to me to look attractive. But then it came to me awhile ago, what If I don’t look attractive? Will my date still like me?

People like other people for several reasons. Smarts, beauty, height, skin color or tone, wits – every possible thing one could imagine. But what happens if those are gone? or what if s/he discovers that there’s more to you than what meets the eye?

Sure, at first it’s romantic and cute too. You enjoy the feeling of being flattered and being attractive. But when the time comes that s/he wakes up next to you in bed, realizes how bad your breath stinks in the morning, or how much you snore at night, would it still be the same?

If he or she finds out your deepest secrets or your worst qualities, is it curtain call for the both of you?

I thought about this because of a special friend. During those days that I would walk three barangays because of the heartbreak, my friend would call me up and talk to me making sure I was okay. At night, I receive messages asking if I had dinner and to please not skip meals ‘coz its not worthit. Every morning, I wake up with a “Good Morning.I’m just here for you :)”.

And then there came I time I said “I feel sad at night. Is it the darkness or the feeling of being alone in the dark?” but last night, I received an SMS that said “It’s nighttime. I know you’d be sad. Don’t be, smile :)”.

And here is what I have to say about all of these: Dates are nice, relationships are nice, but what if one day s/he discovers something about you s/he could never take? or what if s/he gets used to it for some time until it irritates him to the point that he gives up?

Sure, everyone can say “I’ll be there for you forever”. Check out all those teens and tweens in love and you’ll get my point. Forever has just become the latest craze but it was never meant to last.  Nowadays, its synonymous to “Until I don’t get tired of you” or something like that.

Sooner or later, your weaknesses and your bad traits would be pouring out unconciously and what if he doesn’t find it bearable? Would it end up with “I don’t think I can do this anymore. I’m going to leave you”. Good if your partner decides to compromise but what if it’s really over and your the only one hanging?

It takes time and sacrifice to be there and to understand before someone could really say I am able to love and I feel love. Time would only tell, sadly, no matter how perfect a relationship is or could be. Because you could never really say it’s love unless you say “Been there. done that. we’re still surviving”.

Sure, I’m not going to risk going out on a date with a bad breath but I’d love to see it when I go ballistic and he or she still stands there saying “I still love you, you know. Even if you ARE crazy” or “You’re crazy? that is so cute. Do it one more time”.

As the saying goes “If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you don’t deserve me at my best”. Figures love just maybe around the corner ;)

This ends my five minute quickie. Off to school.

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