10 Bangs for 2010

I vaguely remember how I celebrated last year’s new year’s eve celebration. Apart from my sentimental blogging a few hours before the new year had just started, I remember saying thanks to all the people who made my year extra special. But this year, I think I’ve prepared a better post for my blog.

Instead of the traditional thank you’s and reflection, let’s start 2010 with 10 facts. These are ten facts about 10 different people who have been a major part of my 2010.

So here it is:

1) I’ve developed a certain kind of emotion towards you. It’s not love nor is it crush. It’s like friendly love for always being there for me — even if you don’t know .

2) I still keep wondering if I’m in love with you or it’s just a major crush but I don’t want to do anything to complicate our friendship.

3) You were there for me the whole year. I did think of you as the one beside me, someone for keeps, until the new buddy came.

4) We always told people we were just buddies. Some people we fooled, others we didn’t. Either way, we never really fooled ourselves.

5) I love the way you make me laugh. It’s cute. Just like you. And yes, I’m hoping 2010 has something big for us *dum dum de dum* :)

6) I have this “tampo” towards you. I was there every step of the way when you and the people close to you needed my help. Why was it that when something ended, we ended too? I thought we were more than friends.

7) I still keep thinking you’re the solution to my problem but then again, our relationship is more complicated than the word COMPLICATED.

8) Four years and I still couldn’t find the heart to like you and I know you don’t like me too, so we’re even

9) You were a great buddy and mate last year. I never really figured we’d get along. Thanks for the help all this time. You’re so far and yet you feel so near. LOL

10)You earned your way to the tenth spot because you shook my world at the very last minute. Whether my hunch is correct or not, you still managed to keep me thinking.

So, there ;)

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