The Greatest Irony called Life…

Sometimes, I look at life and wonder:

Are you the greatest irony made by God?

How many times have you tried to wish that something would happen and then when you think all is lost and you lose hope, here comes that special “something” rushing through the door?

How many times have you said that you would stop doing something and then all of the sudden, life entices you with an option or two to do it again?

How many times have you said you’d stop loving since you could not search for the perfect mate and then one morning, the guy or girl of your dreams falls on your lap to tell you to give ‘it’ a chance.

In my case, awhile ago was another of those ironic times. I have settled on the thought of giving up on someone and eventually pulling the person out of my mind, thinking that there would be no chance for that “special spark”, I have focused my attention on more vital things required as of the moment.

The problem is, this person comes texting all of a sudden, after a few days of not replying, greeting me with a quote and a super God Bless and Good Eve…

Where in hell did that come from? Beats me…

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