The Beach and the Bitch ~

The other day as one hell of an outing for me. First,it was a great opportunity to relax and head to the outskirts of the country to gaze upon the sunset while working on our semi-final examinations.

The trip was simple: head to Mabini, Batangas. Take some pictures. But the truth is, it aint.

The group had many problems along the way. We were supposed to make solicitations but for the unluckiest reason of some sort, it was a Saturday which meant no one was around for the afternoon. That also meant we were on a very tight budget: 500 pesos and the three of us.

But everything went well… despite the scorching heat and the perspiration, we managed to ride a tricycle from Anilao to the Crossing by 7 ‘o clock in evening and a tricycle once more from Crossing to Bauan, Batangas.

The trip’s highlight (in my opinion) was when we were all rewarded by the beach with an awesome sunset and a lovely warm sand. We lied down, I swam for awhile, took some pictures (an addition to the friendster photos I got), and just talked. It was such a lovely event for socializing.

The beach also helped me alot. The emotional baggage I had been holding on to for the past weeks has been reduced since the sea was an awesome absorber of my wrath, so to speak.

And with that, I have found a new refuge…

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