[Note to readers: The article below was written by me as a means of presenting my personal point of view of suicide and morality, having suicidal tendencies myself. Nothing more.]

“At what point do men choose to cross the

boundaries between good and evil?”

On a friend. My mom has a friend happens to be a mother of a suicidal teen . And no, it isn’t her first attempt, it was her fourth. The girl (who I shall call Diane*) was rushed to the hospital the other night because she drank a bottle of expired medicine which the doctors had to remove from her system.

Mom told me that Diane was given everything she needed, and much more. Even the things her mom “thinks” she might want or need, she gives. But to no avail.

So what is suicide then, and why do teens resolve to suicide?

On Suicide. Suicide, in biblical point of view, is one of the “most atrocious crimes.1 However, for Kevin Caruso, the owner of, suicide is definitely not a sin.2

Suicide, for me, (as I have personally experienced my suicidal tendencies kick-in) is the urge to end one’s life because of too much emotional pain. There came a time that I was very depressed that instead of “trying to end my life”, I sat in front of the computer and browsed websites about suicides. (Remember about having control over your own life?).

In one of the websites I visited, the author simple explained it like this:

“Suicide is not chosen; it happens when pain exceeds resources for coping with pain.”

This means that we only tend to have suicidal tendencies because we cannot cope with all the depression we’re feeling that we want to get escape from all of it, and fast.

Another is the lack of an emotional outlet/s, means of expressing emotions so they won’t bottle up and we won’t explode at some point.

However, I really think that having suicidal tendencies is not the end of the world for us. Rather it is only the beginning. Our choice to actually understand what is happening to us – the development of our thoughts and emotions and our response to it spell a whole lot of difference.

First, we have to choose how to respond to it. Second, we have to finally understand what we’re going through and third, we have to self-evaluate ourselves with the consequences of our actions. What happens later or tomorrow after I do it? What if it fails? What if I succeed? Is it really worth the effort?

On Diane. I do not know diane personally as we have not yet met and she has only been made mention to me once or twice. Will she be okay? How is she? I do not know. All I know is that she needs to understand what she’s going through . Only there and then can she understand that she has no one to rely on, but herself, for help.

[This entry is dedicated to Diane* and to all others out there who have suicidal tendencies. May you all understand what you’re going through.]

*Not her real name

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