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How do you really measure a man’s success?

I was watching a TV series on my computer when the question hit me on my face: How could a person really say he’s successful? Doesn’t success come to a person more than once in his lifetime? When then could he say he has really achieved the real essence of success?

In our society, a person is measured at some point by how successful he is. Be it in power, fortune, fame or friends, success comes in different forms. However, I always tend to wonder how much of it would one need to be worthy in the eyes of everybody – in the eyes of the people we love, our friends, and the everyday people we walk pass by.

My dad always reminds me that no matter where you have gone and how much you’ve achieved, time will pass and all will be forgotten; local artists for example. How long before all the scheming paparazzi go away and the lights turn out and you find yourself unwilling to move on with what you have?

I remember a text message sent to me by a friend. ‘forever’ is not empirically quantifiable, or so she says. And now, I’m starting to get the feeling that success runs on the same line.

So how do you measure success? My answer: depends, just like forever, how do you see it?

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My cousin just opened up something to me while we were walking outside a few minutes ago. And frankly speaking, it seems nice how much guts he put out just to start a conversation with me (I’m not exactly all dashing and little mr Sunshine at first) .

Something tells me I want him to be more open about his thoughts. If there’s one good thing my parents taught us aside form manners, its self-expression.

– – – – –

I’ve been thinking of doing a review about a program called HFS. It allows you to support an FTP server on your pc with just two clicks. It’s a great find since it’s freeware and many people could sure use it for file sharing purposes.

– – – – –

Summer Classes are over and still alot of things have been going on. In fact, I kinda left out a few things I had to do in school.

At the same time, I’ve noticed that I’ve been having alot of grammatical errors in my posts, most of the time because of typos. Bear with me, I could barely ffind the time (and the creative juices) to write.

– – – – –

It’s three in the morning. Family’s gonna kill me if I wake up at noon later. I should just get a warmth bath in five minutes and all is well.

– – – – –

And yeah, to you (if your the person who’s been viewing me every month, literally), I noticed the other day you’re watching. LOL.

Send me an email or a message via FS. Believe me, it would be easier that way. ;)

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Life is darn rough, but hey, who said it would be easy in the first place?
Keep in touch XD.

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  1. My personal opinion is success can only be attained if a person is at peace with himself or herself, may that person be the emperor of the galaxy or a lowly pauper on the slums. =D

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