Not so septacular september..

Yesterday was normal, except for the fact that my theories about fate and its mischievous pranks on me are true – or at least says one of my close friends.

The Ironic nature of Life, as how I explained it to be in one of my posts, slapped me in my face once more yesterday. After religiously hoping to quit whatever bugs this heart of mine *wink*, and praying that I may not see this bug, here comes the person walking down each and every aisle I pass by. How ironic!

So unless someone could really give me a better explanation for everything, I’d rather stick to the fact that fate does enjoy irritating me for whatever reason I do not know…

Logic just sucked awhile ago. The reason why I had to blog all of a sudden. I forgot the laws on + and – with regards to prepositions and with that went my two quizzes 74% each… what a loser…

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