Gossip Girl Season Three Premieres

You enjoyed how glued-to-the-seats you were during their first season and how all the teen drama and comedy came pouring in during the second season. And now, it’s Gossip Girl one more time.00018045

Gossip Girl is Officially back with Season Three and this time, things are gonna be more interesting for all our characters – it’s gonna be college this time around.

The characters we used to hate and those we hate to love are back on the small screen and it looks like they packed more fun than they did from last season. Interesting twists and turns, not to mention the arrival of new characters, will surely make you hoping for more from series.

Just recently, Gossip Girl aired its Season 3 premiere and with the looks of it, Season three is certainly gonna be a blast. I personally let a few days pass while seeing if the premiere would create a buzz among the show’s followers and it shows that audience reception has been really positive. Does this mean we could go for Season Four?

Season four is surely something to look forward to but for now, let’s see how the lives of our favorite Upper East Siders develop. Our Monday nights would never be the same.

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